Roommate Itch Payback Dakota Charms
Roommate Itch Payback Dakota CharmsRoommate Itch Payback Dakota CharmsRoommate Itch Payback Dakota Charms
Dakota is bitching out her roommate over the phone about always having people over and making such a mess of the house. During the berating, her roommate becomes suspicious that Dakota is in her bathroom using her lotion once again. Dakota denies this as she continues to verbally convey her anger towards her slovenly roommate. She hangs up when all of sudden her body begins to itch. She begins to question the claim her roommate made about having magical powers, but ignores it as nonsense. The itching only gets worse, however, as Dakota scratches her body all over. Her roommate must not be lieing and placed a spell on the lotion! Dakota immediately calls her roommate back, begging for her to reverse the spell. Her roommate is nice enough to relieve her itch, but Dakota must stop her constant complaining about stupid .